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About RSA Contractors

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RSA Contractors (RSA) has a very strong 30-year legacy of successful construction activity focused in regional and remote areas of Australia.

Previously part of the Ostwald Brothers Group, RSA is operated by a team of highly experienced, skilled construction industry professionals offering the agriculture, oil and gas, mining, transportation and civil infrastructure sectors a modern style of delivery, with a traditional ethos.

Our Contracting Ethos

We like to define our style of contracting as ‘Australian’ - Australian’s are known the world over as being hard workers, and hard work and tireless commitment are the cornerstones of our culture. The RSA team have built a strong and consistent track record of community relations in the areas where our projects are delivered. We believe the economic benefit of agriculture, infrastructure and mining investment should support the local communities that are associated with each project. By engaging local employees and procuring local plant and materials, we can maximize the benefit from public and private sector investment in the regions.


RSA Values


We have attracted a connected and capable team of people, who share a common purpose of caring for safety, our clients, our communities and strongly champion Indigenous participation in our workforce.


    Our traditional values are the foundation of enduring partnerships with our people, commercial partners and communities. Integrity is paramount to how we conduct ourselves in every transaction, every time.


        Our business growth is based on enduring partnerships. We meet the needs of our partners by maintaining agility in a changing marketplace, exceeding customer expectations.

             Australian Operations

            At RSA, we thrive working in regions where delivery can be challenging. We understand the environmental, geographic and social issues of working in many of Australia’s regional and remote communities.

              “We actively seek opportunities to consistently engage local suppliers in the process of contracting, as this facilitates economic prosperity in regional areas and supports Australia’s life-blood industries.”

                RSA Australia Map

                Indigenous Relations

                RSA is committed to building strong relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We have implemented Indigenous employment and training initiatives designed to improve opportunities for Indigenous employees and have been recognized by our clients and government bodies for our training initiatives.

                We work closely with our sister company ISA Contractors Pty Ltd (ISA), a new startup majority Indigenous-owned business. ISA is a certified Wangan/Jagalingou business, registered with Supply Nations Indigenous Business Direct.



                    We work in close partnership with our sister companies. This provides significant diversity in the successful delivery of our projects. Our sister companies include:

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