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Our name, RSA - is an abbreviation of Rout-Sta-Bout - an Australian slang term describing someone who conducts many varied jobs on a site, and can be relied upon the do the work that others shy away from. This perfectly describes RSA as a civil contractor - as we are a general site contractor who is willing to undertake any size project, from small to large, under any conditions, in any area - despite the challenges or complexities. For many of our clients, we have become their Rou-Sta-Bout contractor of choice - the general civil contractor you call when you need something done efficiently, cost-effectively and with a minimum of fuss.

We don’t like to overcomplicate our solutions to civil contracting problems - preferring to rely on a combination of traditional contracting principles and modern technology. What defines a great civil contractor is its suppliers, people and equipment - and their ability to manage these inputs towards everyday improvements to site productivity and output.

Good contractors know that the key to delivering value on a civil project is not necessarily the lowest cost operators and fleet - they know that productivity enhancements in people and machines are where the greatest gains can be made in margin and cost reduction. It is for this reason that RSA maintains a constant focus on the latest contracting technology, used throughout the planning and design process, and in the construction process itself.

Mass haul and estimating software is used by RSA during the design and planning process to cost our projects effectively and ensure our plans don’t deviate markedly during delivery. We use state-of-the-art GPS and surveying technology on our machines to give us real-time productivity insights and substantial improvements in machine and operator precision.

Kenwood road train

Civil Infrastructure and General Contracting Services:

  • Site clearing
  • Bulk earthworks 
  • Roadworks
  • Bridge construction
  • Rail construction
  • Easement maintenance, regrowth control, erosion protection
  • Drainage
  • Structural concrete
  • Onsite crushing and concrete batch plants
  • Construction camp accommodation


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 PO Box 279 Dalby QLD 4405

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Northern Territory

6 Smith St Darwin, NT 0800

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Western Australia

PO Box 447 Moora, WA 6510


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Environmental Approved ISO 14001

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