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Construction and Mining Plant Hire

Construction and Mining Plant Hire | Australia

RSA have been supplying quality wet and dry plant hire and equipment solutions for a diverse range of construction projects across Australia. Our team of highly experienced wet hire operators and specialist contractors will help keep your projects on track.

Our plant hire range includes:

  • Scraper Hire
  • Grader Hire
  • Water Cart Hire
  • Compactor Hire
  • Loader Hire
  • Dump Truck Hire
  • Dozer Hire
  • Excavator Hire
  • Crushing/Screening/Conveying/Pugmill Hire
  • Mobile Concrete Plant Hire

RSA maintains a strenuous service and maintenance schedule across our hire fleet so you can be assured when you hire from us, your hiring with confidence.


Scraper Hire | Australia Wide

Our scraper hire fleet is suitable for civil construction and earthmoving projects, from estate development to pavement and road construction. Each scraper is fitted with a range of safety features to ensure both operator and site safety.

Scraper Hire range:

  • Caterpillar 623 Elevating Scraper for Hire
  • Caterpillar 637 Open Bowl Twin Power Scraper for Hire

    Grader Hire | Australia Wide

    When you’re looking to conduct pavement and soil levelling for your civil construction project, you’ll receive quality grader hire that is fitted with multiple safety features. We maintain our grader hire fleet with the latest technology to ensure your project is completed on time.

    Grader Hire range:

    • Caterpillar 140M 14ft Blade Grader for Hire
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      Water Cart Hire | Australia Wide

      Our water cart range is suitable for dust suppression and site cleaning projects in the civil and mining sectors. Each water cart is serviced and maintained regularly to provide optimal performance and increase productivity for your project.

      Water Cart Hire range:

      • Mac 29KL - 40KL Water Tanker for Hire
      • Hino 9,000L - 16,000L Truck Mounted Water Cart for Hire
      • Caterpillar WT30 30,000L Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart for Hire
      • Caterpillar WT40 40,000L Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart for Hire
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        Compactor Hire | Australia Wide

        RSA makes compactor hire simple by working with you throughout the hire process. If you need to compact soil for a major road construction project or to compact gravel for a strong foundation, our compactor hire is suitable for your needs.  

        Compactor Hire range:

        • Caterpillar 825 Compactor for Hire

          Loader Hire | Australia Wide

          With an extensive background in loader hire, RSA understands the importance of reliable equipment. Our loader hire specialists have experience matching the right plant for your project. Whether material handling, civil, earthmoving or mining projects.

          Loader Hire range:

          • Caterpillar 972H Wheel Loader for Hire (Less than 3m cubed Bucket Capacity)
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            Dump Truck Hire | Australia Wide

            RSA will provide you with a dump truck that’s ideal for your civil and mining project. We maintain our fleet to the highest quality to ensure safety. Our dump truck drivers are highly trained and experienced to perform work safely and efficiently.  

            Dump Truck Hire range:

            • Caterpillar 740 40t Articulated Dump Truck for Hire

              Dozer Hire | Australia Wide

              Our dozer hire is ideal for trenching construction, quarry work and mining projects in all working conditions. Each dozer is equipped with quality GPS and surveying equipment to give you real-time productivity insights and machine precision.

              Dozer Hire range:

              • Caterpillar D6T Tracked Dozer for Hire (D6 or Equivalent)
                Excavator Hire

                Excavator Hire | Australia Wide

                RSA specialise in excavator hire for earthmoving, mining and civil infrastructure projects. With a focus on performance and dependability, each excavator is scheduled serviced to industry standards.

                Excavator Hire range:

                • Caterpillar 336D 30t – 39t Track Mounted Excavator for Hire
                • Volvo 460B 40t – 49t Track Mounted Excavator for Hire

                  Crushing, Screening, Conveying, Pugmill Hire | Australia Wide

                  Our crushing, screening, conveying, pugmill is suitable for material ore crushing on mining and construction worksites. Our expert contractors are regularly trained to perform crushing and screening in a safe and effective manner.

                  Crushing, Screening, Conveying, Pugmill Hire range:

                  • Terex I-130RS Mobile Impactor Crushing, Screening, Conveying, Pugmills for Hire
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                    Mobile Concrete Plant Hire | Australia Wide

                    RSA provides you with a reliable, dependable and efficient mobile concrete plant hire for civil construction, mining and earthworks projects.

                    Mobile Concrete Plant Hire includes:

                    • Porta Batch Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Plant for Hire

                      Whether you’re looking to wet or dry hire for general and civil contracting, the team at RSA will provide you with the highest quality plant hire and customer support and will work with you through every stage of the process. Get a free quote by giving us a call or fill out our online enquiry form.

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